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Ziba Solutions aesthetic center and medical spa open in Clark



TWith extreme winter cold, long days indoors, and wearing tight masks, many people are ready to go out. But all of these factors often lead to wrinkles, as well as dry, pale skin. This is where Ziba Solutions, a new medical spa and cosmetic and cosmetic surgery center in Clark, can help.

Ziba – which means beautiful in Persian – offers solutions for the skin, hair and body ranging from Botox to laser hair removal. The beauty center also offers body massages, spider veins therapy, hair regrowth treatment, acne scar removal and other services. The 5,500 square foot office boasts an extremely modern and sleek design. In fact, “it’s in a brand new, state-of-the-art building,” says Monica Walters, office administrator.

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Ultra modern but warm

Ziba Solutions wants patients to feel like they are in a luxurious spa with top-of-the-line amenities and attentive staff. For example, you’ll find a fireplace, flat-screen TV, living room sofas, large hallways, and computers for surfing the web inside. Likewise, a café-bar is in preparation. “It certainly doesn’t look like a doctor’s office,” Walters says. She also promises that everyone will feel welcome. “It’s not too feminine. Men can come without feeling like they’re in a women’s facility, ”she adds.

Formerly called UCHAesthetics before moving, Ziba Solutions is overseen by Medical Director Kamran Tasharofi, MD. However, familiar patients will still find UCHAesthetics locations in Bloomfield, Elizabeth, Rahway, Garwood, and Colonia; but these facilities focus on primary care, eye care, emergency care, family care and podiatry. “We are a one stop shop. We provide everything, ”says Walters. “We treat them medically, and we treat them aesthetically. “

As for Dr. Tasharofi, he prides himself on offering a wide range of services. “I make sure I can give them everything, instead of sending them back,” he said; a goal he can now achieve with Ziba Solutions, one of the largest aesthetic clinics in the state. “I want to be able to do it myself and make sure everyone is happy with the result.”

Botox and fillers are two popular procedures, according to Walters. They also offer a thread lift for the face. “You don’t hear about it as much as other procedures,” says Walters. During the face lift, temporary sutures are used to create a subtle but visible lift of the skin. Click here to see the list of their services.

Other in-demand services include laser hair removal and Accufit, a non-invasive muscle stimulation treatment that tones the abs, thighs and buttocks. “This helps tone the abdominal muscles while building core strength,” says Walters.

Ziba reception desk

In fact, most of Ziba Solutions’ services help increase self-esteem and self-confidence. “It makes you feel good about yourself,” Walters says. “My favorite part of my job is making people happy,” she adds. Likewise, Dr Tasharofi states that “patient satisfaction is the best part of my job”.

All procedures at Ziba are outpatient. Some have downtime, but a lot can be done with little recovery time. Their services are not covered by insurance and prices vary depending on the procedure and frequency of visits. Walters promises that their medical spa is a stigma-free zone. “If that makes you feel good, then do it,” she said.

You can visit Ziba Solutions at 999 Raritan Road in Clark. (Click here to see them on Google Maps.) To find out more, click here to visit their website or you can click here to call them.

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All photos: © Monica Walters / Ziba Solutions



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