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Valletta spa offers hair, beauty and convenient hours for residents and workers


The post-summer can be so difficult. You’ve barely resumed your winter routine and you already feel it’s been months! By the gods of deckchairs and mojitos, why does autumn always have to sneak in on us like that?!

But don’t be afraid! AMIS Spa, Hair & Beauty have just the perfectly located solution for your return to the grind routine!

In fact, AMIS Spa, Hair & Beauty, located right in the center of Valletta, offers a unique oasis amidst the mad rush that the capital can sometimes be. This temple of calm and beauty is literally five minutes from your office, ready to offer you incredible treatments and free time.

Services are as varied as they come. You can treat yourself to a wax, some nails, show some love to brows and lashes, a soothing, soothing facial or massage, blow-drying, botox and fillers… you catch the drift.

From quick lunchtime treatments to luxurious full spa services, AMIS Spa, Hair & Beauty is ready to provide with that much-needed boost. For the more time-conscious among us, AMIS Spa, Hair & Beauty can also help combine more than one one-stop service, saving you valuable time.

For example, you can give yourself a manicure while giving your hair color a boost! Or, do you do a targeted eye contour treatment during a pedicure, do you already feel your feet singing?

…and it’s not just for the ladies, AMIS Spa, Hair & Beauty is ready to bring TLC to the boys too. FRIEND focuses on creating an environment of well-being for all, which harmonizes well with the hustle and bustle daily routine, using high quality, clean, certified cruelty-free and toxin-free products.

In addition, AMIS Spa, Hair & Beauty has just launched its loyalty card which entitles customers to loyalty. points which can in turn be redeemed for free treatments.

Their opening hours are also extremely convenient. Open Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., no matter if you adapt to a sneaky treatment between meetings or choose to have time for yourself after shopping, AMIS Spa, Hair & Beauty got you covered.

All services can be booked online via the live availability portal at www.amis.mt, by email on [email protected] or by sending an IG to @amismalta or FB message You can also call them at +356 27988376. Walk-ins are also welcome!

Visit https://amis.mt/ to learn more about the wonderful services available at AMIS Spa, Hair & Beauty, and book a little love today!

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