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This leave-in conditioner has over 8,000 5-star Amazon reviews


Here’s what the critics are saying:

“I got this as a Christmas present. I use it to protect my coppery highlights. The scent is amazing and it really makes my hair look wonderful. When I saw this larger bottle on Prime Day, I loved it. Ordered quickly! Lasts a long time. Smallest bottle lasted 9 months! I expect the larger bottle to last until Prime Day next year.

“Absolutely love this leave-in conditioner. It smells great and has transformed my dry, brittle locks into fabulous hair. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

“I love this stuff! I can really tell the difference if I don’t use it!”

“I love this product! I have super curly hair that frizzies A LOT. I’m 30 and I’ve struggled with my hair all my life. I found this product about 5 years ago and nothing is wrong. compares to it. Smells great. Keeps my mane tame. Right after shower, apply some. Brush it out. Put on some mousse or gel and you’re good to go! Even after a day or two, it always does its job!”

“I’m afraid this product will one day be discontinued. It’s the only thing that detangles my hair after one wash…no matter how much conditioner I use or treatment. It’s a must .The smell…it smells so good, and it protects your hair from the heat and the environment.”

“I saved my hair!!!! I can’t recommend it highly enough.

“I love it – I’ve been using it for a few years based on my hairdresser’s recommendation.”

“I have a lot of hair and it’s very fine. It’s also a light brown, so any oiliness really shows. This product doesn’t look greasy at all. I use it by spraying it on in my hands, distributing it throughout the length of my hair, then smoothing my hands over the top of my head with what’s left in. I do this right after washing my hair and wringing out as much water as possible Even though I neglected to use conditioner in the shower, it detangles beautifully and I can almost run the WetBrush through. , there is no heaviness or greasy. No matter how much I use – still no greasy. The smell is nice , and it is vegan. I would buy it again.

“Best product on the market. Protects your hair and is a great leave-in product. My hair is super curly and this product prepares my hair to comb my long locks. The price could be more manageable but it does what it says will do. Thanks for that.