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The best (and scariest) tall fairies in the series


There are countless fairies found throughout the The Legend of Zelda frankness, but some of the Great Fairies of Hyrule are as terrifying as they are benevolent. Fairies have always appeared as Link’s allies throughout his adventures, often providing much-needed healing if players are wearing one when they fall in battle. However, the Great Fairies residing in the Fairy Fountains of Hyrule are usually a source of magical enhancements in addition to the healing powers that their pocket counterparts possess.


Regardless of their willingness to help Link with their magical powers, ZeldaThe Great Fairies of ‘s tend to be a little intimidating to visit. Ocarina of Time’s The graphical transition to 3D was an impressive technological feat for the N64 in 1998, but it still resulted in Great Fairy character models that were somewhat frightening to behold. Since then, Great Fairies have had their models updated to match the graphic styles of each new game in Zelda series.

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Despite the improved graphics capabilities of Nintendo consoles since the N64, some ZeldaNewer Great Fairy designs appear to be intentionally unsettling. The Zelda The series has more than its fair share of hidden and not-so-hidden horrors, but it often comes as a shock when benevolent characters have creepy characteristics no matter what upgrades they offer. Either way, these fairies provide Link with plenty of powerful upgrades, making their fountains more than worth visiting.

Ocarina Of Time & Majora’s Mask Had Some Classic Big Fairies

An image from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Great Fairy.

Ocarina of time was certainly not the first Zelda game to feature the Great Fairies, but their iconic designs are often what fans think of first when these classic characters are mentioned. While the previous Great Fairies were designed more like traditional Tinkerbell-style sprites, the Great Fairies introduced in Ocarina brought a new aesthetic to the series, as well as a ton of personality. Since Majora’s Mask reused a lot Ocarina of time assetstheir Great Fairies are almost identical, although each Fairy of Majora’s Mask has a different hair color.

Ocarina The tall fairies sport vibrant pink hair tied in three long pigtails and they dress in ivy. Not only will these fairies refill Link’s health and magic with each visit, but they’ll also provide powerful magic buffs and abilities that will help him take on tough bosses like Dark Link and Demon King Ganon. The great fairies of Majora’s Mask offer similar upgrades, but Link will need to find their wandering fairies scattered before they can summon them to their fountains. It’s likely that N64’s tall fairies weren’t meant to be scary, but their howling laughs and angular character models can still make them somewhat unsettling to encounter in-game.

Wind Waker’s Great Fairies Are Scary Compared To Other Zelda Games

The great fairy that appears in Legend of Zelda Wind Waker.

Wind Waker introduces memorable news Zelda aesthetic to the series, rendering most of its vibrant world and characters in an adorably cartoonish art style. However, while its updated GameCube graphics made many of its character models incredibly cute, the Great Fairies of this era are particularly scary compared to the others. Zelda Games. Their doll-like appearances give them blank, expressionless faces, and their peculiar pigtails give them a much more alien appearance than the other fairies that appear in Hyrule.

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Despite their inhuman and intimidating appearance, the Great Fairies of Wind Waker Great Sea are incredibly beneficial allies for Link on his journey. Rather than equipping it with magical skills and abilities, Great Fairies enhance specific item inventories, allowing Link to carry more bombs, arrows and even rupees. The tall purple fairy will also offer to boost Link’s magic meter, but not before she’s been saved from attacking a nearby Octorock.

Notably, Wind Waker‘s Great Fairies share many design similarities with skyward sword Fi, opening up a ton of different avenues for fan theorists to connect the lore of the two games. Some have suggested that after the flooding of Hyrule, the goddesses themselves created new great fairies to act as guardian spirits of the new land, which would explain their doll-like appearances similar to the spirit of the sword of the goddess. However, based on the player’s opinions of Fi and his role in skyward swordof gameplay, these similarities in design and potential origins can make Wind WakerBig Fi fairies are even scarier for those who aren’t Fi’s biggest fans.

BOTW’s Malayna has one of Zelda’s best fairy designs

Malayna from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

breath of the wildthe four great fairies feature some of the best fairy designs in the set Zelda franchise, but the mysterious fifth fairy whose fountain is at the end of Horse God Bridge is the most unique of the series. This fairy, known as Malayna, is housed in a large fairy fountain, but her appearance differs dramatically from others of her species. Their disembodied but well-groomed hands are the only feature they share with the other Great Fairies, and although their other physical features seem invisible to Link, they wear a mask sculpted and painted to resemble a horse. Malayna’s Fairy Fountain also plays a unique remix of Epona’s song and the Great Fairy Fountain theme, both of which are part of the Zelda the franchise’s most iconic songs.

However, Malayna’s appearance isn’t the only thing about them that sets them apart from any other being in breath of the wildof Hyrule. Rather than offering Link upgrades for his gear like other Great Fairies of that era, Malayna has the incredible power to revive Link’s horses from the dead. This necromantic magic apparently allows them to not only see which of Link’s horses were lost, but also how they died, often leading this strange fairy to lash out in anger, though they swear they don’t. are just joking.

Malayna’s tendency to regularly threaten Link’s life in jest certainly makes her the most intimidating Great Fairy in the world. The Legend of Zelda series, but Malayna still keeps her promise to revive Link’s horses, no matter how dire their fate. BOTWthe horse fairyThe rate of a single Endura carrot per resurrection is also quite generous, all things considered. Regardless of their looks and strange magical abilities, Malayna is one of the most powerful fairies in the series, as well as one of the most beneficial to Link’s quest to destroy Calamity Ganon. Still, it’s safe to say that this mysterious necromancer is by far The Legend of Zeldais the scariest fairy.

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