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The 7 Best Blue Hair Dyes for Dark Hair



Even if you have dark hair, there are plenty of options to help you transform your locks into a magical ocean-inspired shade. The best blue hair dyes for dark hair have highly pigmented formulas that are either temporary or permanent, and they are available in cream and spray formulas.

When it comes to dark blue hair dye, you have two options: bleach your hair for a bright, vibrant color, or skip the fade in favor of subtle results that are more akin to a dark blue shade. How light does the hair have to be to dye it blue? If you are looking for a bright shade, it is recommended that you lift your hair up to a light blonde shade – or even bleach it with platinum – for optimal results. In this case, lightening your hair will be an essential part of the dyeing process. There are ways to safely bleach your hair at home, but keep in mind that any discoloration will damage your hair more than using regular dye, so you will want engage in a deep conditioning routine.

However, if you i don’t want to bleach your hair, this is still possible to add some blue tints to your strands. A permanent dye that includes ammonia raise the pH of your hair, which allows the pigment to penetrate the strands better, turning them into a vivid color. Semi-permanent blue hair dye will create a subtle tint on brown or black hair, but it will be more noticeable in the sun. Or, if you’re not ready to commit to weeks of all-blue hair, you can opt for a temporary spray formula that applies directly to your strands without chemically altering their pigment – and you’ll get quite a bit of shine. .

Before you dye your entire head any color, it’s a good idea to perform strand test on a small section of hair to make sure you are happy with the shade. With all of this in mind, I gathered a lot of hair dye options on Amazon that will help you achieve your dream shade of blue hair, whether it’s rich cobalt or ocean teal. There’s also a color deposit conditioner that will help keep those strands glowing for months to come.

1. The best semi-permanent dye

With over 43,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon, Arctic fox is a fan favorite of semi-permanent blue hair dyes. For the most vibrant results, you should use this dye on pre-lightened hair, but it can be applied to naturally dark hair – just expect a more subtle blue tint (especially since this is a non-permanent formula). Peroxide free and moisturizer, this dye works to condition your hair while also coloring your strands, and many reviewers have even noticed softer hair after using it. The ammonia-free and cruelty-free dye washes out gradually, but should last around 30 to 40 washes, depending on the products you use and how often you are exposed to the sun. Arctic Fox has several shades of blue: a navy blue called Blue Jean Baby, a medium blue called Poseidon, and a teal called Aquamarine.

According to one reviewer: “I LOVE everything that arctic fox! This color is gorgeous – I have used it on my natural dark brown hair and it has darkened the tone and has blue highlights in the light – perfect for my professional office situation! It smells like grapes to me, and leaves your hair smelling amazing afterwards! My hair was also noticeably softer – like a colored deep conditioner!

2. The finalist: a highly pigmented semi-permanent dye

Manic Panic is a brand that has been around since the late 1970s, specializing in bold hair colors in bold tones, and the brand’s Amplified line contains three times the pigment than Classic Voltage hair dye, resulting in brighter, longer lasting color. This semi-permanent dye is ammonia, paraben, and cruelty free, and designed to wash off after six to eight weeks. It is suggested that you pre-lighten your hair for rich blue hues, but some shades – especially Shocking Blue, Rockabilly Blue, or Voodoo Blue – can even add a decent shade to brown hair. There are seven shades of blue to choose from, offering a wide variety, from a midnight blue hair color to a lighter bluish green. You can even mix different shades to create your own custom color.

According to one reviewer: “If blue could be natural, this is what it would look like. Highlights and lowlights and very beautiful! I have hair like a peacock! Dark blue, electric blue, aqua and a little green in some lights. It was simple to use and as an added pleasure factor since it is semi-permanent it changes with each wash. You have to try this stuff.

3. The best permanent blue hair dye

Ready to take the plunge with blue hair? Then you should go for Got2b permanent hair dye. It creates a multidimensional metallic effect, resulting in a shimmering dark blue shade. It contains ammonia, which allows the formula to permanently alter the pigment in your strands, which in general should result in a brighter shade than a semi-permanent option. That being said, if you have dark, unbleached hair the result will be a deep navy color, and on pre-lightened hair the undertone will be a lighter denim blue. For those who are ready to commit to blue hair for the foreseeable future, this is the best option.

According to one reviewer: “Love love love color. I lightened my brown hair and waited 14 days as recommended. Blue is bright in the sun and darker in low light.

4. Another semi-permanent option with following worship

Lime Crime is the only hair dye brand that claims to give you “unicorn hair”, and the results speak for themselves. The brand specializes in bright candy-colored shades that pop. Over 6,000 reviews have given Lime Crime’s semi-permanent dye a perfect five-star rating on Amazon, with plenty of praise for the highly pigmented formula and the full coverage effect. Choose from a cartoon-like blue shade called Anime, a royal blue hair dye named Mystic, and a deep teal known as Sea Witch. Pre-lighten your hair if you’re looking for a lighter shade, or stick with your natural hair if all you’re looking for is a subtle shade. Not to mention, the ammonia-free, cruelty-free formula smells amazing, nothing like the harsh chemical smell of traditional hair dyes. And it’s a great option if you’re looking for something temporary – reviews have reported that it lasts around a month, depending on how often you wash.

According to one reviewer: “I used the anime color for the top and purple for the bottom and love it. It smells great and lasts a long time, as long as you minimize shampooing and wetting your hair as it’s semi-permanent, but I would recommend to anyone who wants a bold color, I would also recommend lightening your hair as much as possible to get the maximum effect. Update: about a year later I used the mystic blue […] I love the result.

5. A color spray option that washes away

Sometimes your love affair with blue hair is only supposed to last 24 hours. L’Oréal Temporary Colorista hair dye spray is your best bet, and it works on natural, bleached, or non-bleached hair of any shade. Rather than changing the color, the ammonia-free formula relies on your strands, allowing darker hair to achieve a bright blue shade without pre-lightening their hair. Use it to create blue streaks and highlights on your hair and then simply rinse it off in the shower. This spray is fantastic for Halloween costumes, music festivals, and parties because you don’t have to make long term changes to your hair, and it’s also a great way to experiment with a vibrant shade. before you engage in fading. Be careful, the application is a bit complicated, so it is best to drape a towel over your shoulders during the application.

According to one reviewer: “The color sits perfectly on my dark black hair!” I love that I can try out a hair color without having to bleach my own. […] I was so happy to see how well it went in the shower after a few shampoos and rinses.

7. A color depositing conditioner that gradually tones and maintains radiance

You can extend the life of your permanent (or even semi-permanent) dye job by using this color deposition conditioner, and it’s also a great way to gradually add pigments to hair – just use the conditioner after shampooing until you reach the shade you want. The ammonia-free and cruelty-free formula is deeply hydrating and enriched with vegetable sugars, making your hair softer and healthier. Like the other options on the list, this will result in a navy blue hair color on dark strands, with a brighter look on pre-lightened hair. While it’s more expensive, it can help increase the time between salon visits or home stain jobs, saving you money in the long run.

According to one reviewer: “I bought this to puff up the blue parts of my hair. I have dark hair that was bleached before I applied the blue dye, but the normal dye fades pretty quickly for me. It’s been 2 months now. how great my bruise looks! I was also pleasantly surprised by the pleasant scent (not a strong, dye-scented conditioner) and the fact that it is not very drying on the hair.



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