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Suspects targeting high-end hair products at Fresno salons


Fresno, Calif. (KFSN) – A series of salon invasions across Fresno becomes a costly crime.

Many businesses barely survived the pandemic shutdown, but were repeatedly attacked by hairstylist thieves.

Juan Sulceed is the owner of the Lux Salon and Spa near the Champlain promenade and Perrin avenue.

His salon has been attacked by thieves twice this year, once in March when a suspect smashed a window and stole luxury cosmetics and heated tools.

Then again on June 17th.

Surveillance video shows a shattered window and a suspect entering.

“He confirmed he’s gone for the big one,” Salsed said.

The second time around, the suspect escaped with luxury hair care products and heated tools.

Salcedo says that between the two thieves, the company pays nearly $ 17,000 for property and damage.

He said it was tough enough last year because of the pandemic. It just adds to that.

“We come back very strong and hopeful and then things like this start to happen, it’s very, it’s a big heartache,” Salsed said.

Lux was not the only company targeted.

On April 14, the Melaki Salon and Spa near Champlan and Shepherd Avenue was attacked.

Fresno Police said the suspect broke the back door and stole $ 3,000 worth of hair care products.

A month later, they were attacked again. The suspect broke the back glass door and took the laptop that was in the office.

The owner says she paid almost $ 10,000 for property and damages between the two cases.

The owner said the same man had come and made obscene gestures on several occasions since he had installed the camera.

June 4, Palm and Nees Ave. The windows of the neighboring Ellements lounge were destroyed.

Surveillance videos show men entering in and to the right of the hair products on display.

The company lost $ 250 in products.

On June 19, the Great American Waffle near Summerville Drive and Perrin Avenue suffered a smash and grab.

Authorities said the suspect smashed the front glass and stole an unknown amount of hair care products.

“We see this as a citywide trend, and it’s all about the opportunities,” said Sgt. Fresno. Sammy Ashworth. “So if the place is there, they see the product, and they can go in and out, that’s what we see.”

Fresno Police said this has been a common trend over the years as the products are easy to collect and sell.

At this time, there is no evidence that one or a group is stealing lounges all over the city.

“We ask the public to check your seller to make sure it is not product stolen from legitimate companies,” said Sgt. Ashworth.

Salcedo de Luxe Salon and Spa said it had added cameras and sensors since the last attack and the targeting would not stop their work.

“The invasion does not destroy me, my spirit or those who work here in Lux. Everyone here is hopeful and ready to go. This is what we are trying to do. We continue to move forward, ”said Sarsed.

Fresno Police are asking business owners to confirm their business has an alarm system and add cameras if possible.

They also ask salons to put easy-to-grab hair care products behind them, so that it’s not that easy for criminals to get in and out.

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