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Stylists say it’s the hair color you’ll see everywhere this summer



Trends come and go with the seasons, but it can be fun keeping your finger on the pulse of looks to keep tabs on the months that go by. Changing your hair to match each season’s style can damage your locks over time, but this summer, as we come out of more than a year of our forties, there’s no time like the present to jump in. the train of colors and change your look. If you’re looking for a trendy color change this summer that all your friends will bring to their stylist as a go-to, this is the look you’ll want to go for. Sonya Dove from the Ulta Beauty Pro team.

Whichever shade you choose, there is one hair color technique that’s made a splash this spring and summer: color blocking. Customizable to suit your skin tone, eyes, and willingness to maintain your new look, color blocking can be a great way to make a trend work for everyone depending on which shade you choose.

“For brunettes, we see a lot of cool tones; while many blondes are turning to softer undertones with hints of peach and pastel pink, ”says Dove. “I love the color blocking trend, which is to lighten the entire front part of the hair.”

Color blocking has become a big style this season because of the effect it can have on your skin tone for the summer. “Color blocking in the front of the hair is very popular because it brightens and brightens the face. It’s a great technique that’s low maintenance, is versatile, and can be matched with any color to suit the individual.

If you’re someone who wants to get their hair done once but isn’t keen on going through maintenance, staying close to your own natural shade while blocking out the color can be a great way to make sure the process growth will seem much easier. , requiring only minimal touch-ups.

When it comes to asking your stylist for the color of your dreams, it is essential to have a consultation first to determine what will best flatter your appearance. “A lot of times I see clients come up with a photo they like, but the hair color isn’t right for them. Always consult the professional – the pictures can help a stylist understand what type of color you’re looking for, which they can then modify to create a color that best suits your individual needs, ”suggests Dove.

Color maintenance is also imperative to ensuring your look stays fresh, which is why Dove recommends investing in a color-specific shampoo and conditioner duo to keep your hair looking shiny long after you have it. made. For that, think of the line Wella Invigo Brilliance.

This summer, as you work to give your look a boost for your debut in society, consider opting for a peach-pink-toned blonde or cool-toned brown shade, using color blocking to give a look. certain dimension to your wicks.

There is no one size fits all for every color that matches every skin tone, so it’s important to consult your stylist for a consultation before taking the plunge, but if you’re craving a bold and eye-catching look , you’ll want to explore the world of multi-toned hair this season to create your own unique twist on the popular trend.



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