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Say goodbye to tangles with the best brush for wet and dry hair

Getting a wet and dry hairbrush can end all of our hair tangle problems. These brushes are awfully good at their job, but there are so many to choose from. If all were equally effective, it would be easy to choose between them. But unfortunately this is not the case.

Your hair type

The first critical factor to consider is your hair type. Different brushes for wet and dry hair will work against different hair types, and buying the right one is critical to success. For example, a wide-bristle brush is great for curly hair because it can easily go between thick and curly hair. Likewise, a hairbrush with angled bristles will work best on straight hair to ensure even detangling.

If you don’t need to spend time on this step, you’re in luck because some universally compatible wet and dry hair brushes are good enough. These brushes work great on any type of hair and leave them all untangled, and their only downside is that they tend to cost more.

Hair firmness

Unlike ordinary brushes, the bristles of wet and dry hairbrushes are not only hard. Instead, they strike the perfect balance between softness and stiffness. The smoothness should be just right so the bristles don’t get stuck in tangles and cause more problems than they solve. Rather, they should be firm enough to fight tangles and not just slip past them. If you are unsure about the bristle strength of the available options, just go with a reputable brand as they have usually adjusted this attribute to perfection.

Building material

The material of brush construction will directly influence its ease of use and long-term durability, so choose wisely.

Soft plastic

Soft plastic or hard silicone brushes are incredibly durable because they won’t break if accidentally dropped. Their elasticity is also a perfect counter to aggressive combing, preventing the handle from breaking in two. The only downside to these is that they scratch quite quickly and often look shabby even after a month of use.

Hard plastic

Hard plastic brushes are the most common option on the market due to their low cost and stiffness. They are very strong for daily use, but a bad fall can break them in half. For this reason, it is best to avoid hard plastic wet dry hairbrushes.


Metal hairbrushes are the strongest of the bunch. They have the chip and drop resistance of soft plastic, along with the stiffness of hard plastic brushes. On the other hand, this same quality can make these brushes a bit too heavy, leading to hand fatigue after each use.


Wooden wet and dry hairbrushes are the most premium option you can choose, and for good reason. These brushes are durable, stiff and drop resistant. Their only downside is that they also tend to cost more.