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Oxen and Bouquets, October 19 – Nanaimo Newsletter


BUNCH At the Rebel Rose hair salon. Their skills and customer service are amazing. They take the time to listen to each client and offer helpful suggestions when needed.

BEEF To all those who could but still do nothing about excessive vehicle noise. Nanaimo is becoming a massive and constant aggravating combustion engine. Edmonton City Council is currently considering ways to clamp down, we should do the same.

BUNCH To City Council for Metral Drive and Front Street bike lanes. Building them parallel to two major highways is great because only local traffic has to use the street. Now if only pilots could figure this out.

BEEF To the mayor and council for taxpayer funded mistakes on Metral Drive. Fixes?

BUNCH To the Nanaimo News Bulletin for local election guide. Well-written, high-quality information about every candidate in the 2022 ballot.

BEEF To town for the faults of Metral Drive. Wide bike lanes on both sides and narrow roads are not normal.

BUNCH To a very generous person who made my day when I went to Honda to pick up my car and was told the bill had been paid in full by an anonymous person. I would like to express my gratitude and thanks. I was flabbergasted.

BEEF Two walk-in clinics that were open before the COVID-19 pandemic have not reopened. COVID-19 is rampant and we need these clinics open. This only puts more pressure on NRGH’s only remaining walk-in clinic and emergency room, both of which are hours of waiting because half of Nanaimo’s residents don’t have a doctor in family.

BUNCH To the City of Nanaimo. It’s been hard work, but Metral Drive comes together and looks good. Nice wide sidewalks with designated tree lined bike lanes that will look great in a few years.

BEEF To Nanaimo council members who ruthlessly push “green” programs. Look to Europe this winter to see how it works for them. Voters in this election should have taken note.

BUNCH To Matt, Manager of Save-On-Foods, for kindly donating the turkey and pumpkin pie so the folks at the VIP Motel in Parksville could enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.

BEEF To thieves who roam the streets of Canada and locally in Nanaimo. Why can’t we have serious consequences? Give an example. Problem solved.

BUNCH To Mustafa of Kebap. I’m so glad to see he’s back in business, with his tasty Turkish street food. Spoke with him several times at his previous location. He is proud of the food he prepares, proud of his heritage, but above all proud to be Canadian. His oldest client and his family wish him only success.

BEEF For cyclists and e-bike users on the Hammond Bay and Departure Bay roads, as well as Rutherford Road and the old Island Highway. You can’t have it both ways. Use the sidewalks then spin between the traffic jams to slip next to a vehicle turning left. Three times in the last month, I almost hit you. If you can’t follow the rules on the road, avoid them.

BUNCH To Doug who is the manager, April who is the cashier and Breck who works in the product department. Thank you Pomme Natural Market for such fabulous staff, they are very friendly and very helpful. Always a pleasure to shop at your very own store.

BEEF To the people around the Jingle Pot area and everywhere else who water their lawns all night. I see this every night – roads flooded by everyone’s sprinklers. Meanwhile, there is a drought. I am sick.

BUNCH To Jim, the supervisor at Staples Brooks Landing, for helping me maneuver through the store scanner. I had to send very important documents because my scanner stopped working. He stepped into the breach to help me when the copy center was overwhelmed with customers.

BEEF To the sports instructor who charges people $25 an hour for lessons in walk-in sessions. This is for recreational play – real instructors rent their own space.

BUNCH To Bernie from LifeLabs at the Brickyard Clinic. Your professionalism put me at ease during the needlework session. I really appreciate your soothing and caring ways. Thank you for your kindness.

BEEF To the law and order candidates for the council who were unable to follow the election sign regulations. If the laws don’t apply to you, then what are you talking about?

BUNCH To the amazing staff at NRGH. I was treated so well by the porters, nurses, technicians, cleaning staff and doctors, from the moment I walked in until I left almost eight hours later. I had an ECG, a chest X-ray, numerous vials of blood drawn and a CT scan. Each person took the time to explain what each procedure was about. There was a huge volume of patients and I observed nothing but kindness towards each one of them.

BEEF To people who give money to beggars. The majority are not needy – I have seen some with cell phones.

BUNCH To the two most wonderful nurses at the Medical Arts Centre, Rebecca and Brenda. I have no words for the help and kindness you showed me when I was unprepared for the visit. Your compassion put me at ease when I had to wait three hours to see the doctor. Thanks.

BEEF To all levels of government and to the courts for allowing the horrible mess in our downtown. I want to support our small businesses, public library, arts and culture, but how can a 70-year-old safely ride public transit there? You keep dithering and I fear that young people will stop considering careers in law enforcement, emergency medical services, firefighters and public transport.

BUNCH Thank you to the Georgia Gems for baking hundreds of muffins each week for students at Georgia Avenue School. So generous.

BEEF To the organizers of a bonfire. Months without rain, no fire allowed but is that OK?

BUNCH Thank you Superstore staff for finding my cell phone and contacting me. I was so relieved.

BEEF From time to time, vehicle drivers on the bike paths, before they were made, we still had to ride in this space (the side of the road), but it becomes tiring on our side, always trying to get you hear screaming for us to get off the road, just not with such kind words. I am grateful that they were made.

BUNCH To Dan from Nanoose Bay who returned over $1000 in a wallet to a grateful owner.

BEEF Great concern was expressed after two pet serval cats escaped and killed ducks. But when people want to keep house cats from roaming around and killing birds, they are reprimanded for their hatred of cats. Birds must surely be protected from all pet cats.

BUNCH To those who left the porch light on on Tuesday nights. Not only does it make my life easier, but it’s also much safer for me to access the porch. It’s already dark much earlier, and we haven’t even changed the clocks yet.

BEEF To those who support disruptive bike lanes on Metral Drive, Front Street, Boxwood Road, etc. Just because people jostle on these lanes doesn’t mean they speed up, are too lazy to ride a bike, or don’t know how to drive. Bad excuses to justify these intrusive and expensive bike lanes that seriously affect safety, traffic and businesses. So sad that these routes will be white elephants most of the year due to unsuitable weather.

BUNCH To the author of Intrabit One World for your kindness and compassion, not only for your messages in your book, but also for the words you speak to each other. You remind me to focus on my sanity.

BEEF To the beef that said to use the freeway if we don’t like the narrow road on Metral Drive. Tell that to the huge buses, the garbage, delivery, moving and dump trucks, the wide-blade snow plows and those who live on Metral Drive.

BUNCH To all newly elected City Council members enforcing the fireworks ban, especially in and around Departure Bay Beach. Negatively affected pets will be spared hours of pounding hearts, endless footsteps, shivering bodies, hideously hiding in tight spaces, escaping houses and leaving their keepers to clean up.

BEEF I use Metral Drive to shop and do business. To get there, I can’t use the highway, but I have to take this new narrow and uninviting road. It was much better before without all the concrete.

BUNCH Thank you Myles at Port Place Hair Spa. I arrived at the worst and I left at the best. You know how to make chemo patients feel like millions with a visual change in a mirror. Glory.

BEEF To a disinterested mayor, council and members of the public after the murder of a young man near a playground in our park. If that doesn’t shake everyone to total disregard for our safety in Nanaimo, nothing will.

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