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NSYNC’s JC Chasez joins TikTok and his first video is a “thirst trap”


NSYNC’s JC Chasez has officially joined TikTok, and fans are calling his debut video a “thirst trap.”

Members of iconic boy group NSYNC have taken over TikTok with their shorthand content for the past few years, much to the delight of fans of all ages.

Justin Timberlake joined the app in July 2022, leaving fans wondering when JC Chasez would sign up and complete the group’s presence on TikTok.

He finally joined on August 9 and fans are loving JC’s first video.

JC Chasez joins TikTok

JC Chasez started recording his video during a dinner with friends when he turned the camera towards him to reveal his silver hair color, matching beard and glasses.

He said, “It’s really brilliant. Give me that. How it works ?

The former teen heartthrob captioned the video: “Am I doing this right?” and tagged his bandmates because they’ve been on the app for a while.

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Shortly after JC uploaded her video, fans flocked to comments supporting her joining the app, with many complimenting her looks as well.

One user commented, “JC went from teen idol to silver fox and I’m here for it.”


A third user replied, “Well hello silver fox!!!!!”

JC joining the app means all five members of NSYNC are now on TikTok, making them one of the app’s most iconic groups for fans.

Fans are asking for a member collaboration video, but we’ll have to wait and see if that ever happens. We’ll be sure to update if so.