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Nicolas Cage’s fiery new hair style has fans in a frenzy


Sometimes you just need a new hairstyle to change things up and actor Nicolas Cage certainly did that. The unbearable weight of massive talent The star was recently spotted sporting bright red hair dye and the fiery new look sent fans into a frenzy. A fan shared a photo of the actor with bright red hair – although the actor seems to have chosen to keep his facial hair natural – and people had a lot to say about the new look.

“Just Nic Cage with new cherry red hair…” Twitter user @Cyborganna wrote. “…That’s it, that’s the Tweet…”

The general consensus in replies to the tweet is that fans love the bold new look, although a few also made other comments. Some fans suggested it looked like he just won this year squid game while others wondered if the look was real, prompting the sharing of another photo featuring Cage’s new colored hair. One fan even commented that maybe Cage should just play the dragon in big fire rather than expressing it because of that new red hair. It was previously announced that Cage would star in a television adaptation of big firethe adult thriller novel by Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer with Cage voicing the titular great firea dragon who lives in Louisiana and likes to drink vodka.

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