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Meet the Owner – Evergreen Beauty College


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Joe Trieu at the entrance to Evergreen Beauty College in Everett.

A student mixes colors under an inspirational quote from Mama Thi.

“Evergreen is a residence where people can do their self-discoveries.

Upon entering Evergreen Beauty College on Everett Mall Way in south Everett, WA, you will see this on the wall, attributed to Joe Trieu, President of Evergreen Beauty College.

In another area of ​​the school on the wall of another room – “We are here to help people create the type of life they want and can be proud” – Mrs. Theresa Tran.

On another wall, “We are here to to build our lives through our student life.” – Mama Thi Trieu, Founder.

Last week I had the chance to speak with Joe Trieu, President of Evergreen Beauty College, a true family business in every sense of the word.

Joe told me how his mother, a refugee from Vietnam, came to the United States in 1975 after being rescued at sea. She met her husband in a refugee camp. He started a janitorial business, together they cleaned buildings, then she went to beauty school and opened a one-chair salon, then another bigger salon. In 1996, wanting to teach, she bought a small beauty school. The same school a few years before, she had cleaned up.

In 2002, Mama Thi and her husband moved Evergreen Beauty College to a former Future Shop building on Everett Mall Way. Over the years, the school has grown from 5,000 square feet to 13,000 square feet in the building. Evergreen has also expanded beyond Everett and there are now six campuses, with Everett still being the largest.

In 2007 Joe’s father passed away and he took over as chairman, but it’s very much a family business with four siblings and a sister-in-law all active in the operation (besides Mama Thi ). It is also a hands-on effort with family members visiting and interacting with staff and students at the various campus sites.

“Our goal is for our students to see this as a career of choice, not a default career,” Joe explained. “We know that beauty changes lives and our students want to change people’s lives and the great thing is that our students’ lives are also changing at the same time.”

“It’s just not a place people come to get a discount on getting their hair done,” Joe continued. “Business leaders and owners come here, community members, people who want to make a difference and many of them become our students’ customers as they graduate and open their own businesses. and that’s great, we want our students to build their clientele while they’re here at school.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on Evergreen Beauty College. “I still have sleepless nights because of the pandemic,” Joe said. “We had to pivot and learn to teach our business online, but we didn’t fire anyone.” Classes now last 20 hours onsite and 10 hours online. “We learned a lot about who we are and how to give freedom and flexibility to students as well as our employees who are experiencing the things in life more than ever.”

If you want to be a student or a client, you can learn more about Evergreen Beauty College on their website. The phone number for admissions in Everett is (425) 336-5120 and for the salon and spa is (425) 423-9186.