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Meet Tanya Puri, the Ace makeup artist and hairstylist taking over the beauty industry as a true blue professional


It is surreal to discover all those who strive for excellence instead of blindly chasing success. These people show what it takes to become the best version of yourself and how, with passion and resilience, you can achieve what you want in life and in your career. The beauty industry is one that has so far welcomed countless such talented beings; However, only a few have managed to push the boundaries and get closer to their goals and outlook on life. We came across such a tenacious and successful person named Tanya Puri, an Indian talent in the beauty world who amazed people with her innate skills as a professional makeup artist and hairstylist.

Who is Tanya Puri, you ask? Well, this passionate woman forged ahead in improving her game in the beauty niche, ultimately taking the industry to higher levels of success, thanks to her pure love and determination towards the makeup niche and of beauty and its constant efforts to innovate in the industry with it. skills as a makeup artist and hairdresser.

Speaking about her background, Tanya Puri, who successfully runs her salon named Tanya L’Oreal Salon in New Delhi and is a professional wedding makeup artist, says she was a brilliant student in school. She received her Bachelor of Commerce degree with distinction as an academic leader in subjects such as economics and business studies. Her teachers expected her to do an MBA, but Tanya Puri started working at various exhibitions early on to earn pocket money. After college, she got the offer to work as a flight attendant. It was then that she met her fiance and, at the insistence of her stepmother, decided to do something where she could manage her personal and professional life.

Knowing how to groom herself and having basic makeup knowledge as a flight attendant, her stepmom suggested she enter the beauty industry. This is how Tanya Puri took makeup classes with top artists from London and Australia, took beauty classes in India and abroad, and took over her mother-in-law’s beauty salon. Gradually, Tanya Puri began to have more clients, and soon she realized her true calling. This encouraged her to become a full-time professional makeup artist, and since then she has never looked back.

Today, Tanya Puri has ten long years of experience in the industry and was also awarded by Bollywood actor Karisma Kapoor as the best makeup artist. So far, she has made up many celebrities and cricketers including Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma and also Mrs India Neha 2018, and the list goes on.

Tanya Puri says the makeup, beauty and hair industry offers a flexible career for everyone, where individuals can maintain a healthy balance in their lives. She emphasizes that the industry is for all girls and women, where they can build their careers, earn as much as they want by honing their skills consistently and learning the same professionally.

Her Tanya L’Oréal salon in New Delhi runs professional makeup, hairstyling and beauty classes and helps girls build their careers, turning them into professional artists and experts. For more, follow her on Instagram @tanyapurimakeovers.


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