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Kim Zolciak wants her daughter Brielle Biermann to have a baby – Hollywood Life


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Brielle Biermann, 25, shared how her mum begs her to have a baby ASAP! She sat down with the podcast host David Yontef talk about Kim Zolciak‘s baby fever in the October 3 episode of Behind the velvet rope. “She wants me to have a child,” she says. “She’s like, ‘Come on, you’re not getting any younger. Like, I want a little baby. And if you don’t have it, I’m going to have one,’ Brielle added. Additionally, she shared that the woman 44-year-old doesn’t care if it’s Brielle or her sister, Ariana Bierman20 years old, who has the baby first.

“She’s like, ‘Ariana come on. Like, one of you has a baby. I’m going to take care of it.’ I’m like, ‘You’re crazy. I won’t have kids,’ Do not be late the star said of her mom. And if Brielle were to have a baby, although she has expressed opposition to having them, she said her mother would “lose her mind” on the news. “Oh my God, she would love that. She would lose her mind,” Brielle said, adding that her mother “would be so excited for a baby to come.”

Kim, who has a total of six children herself, officially has baby fever, according to her eldest daughter. “She loves babies. Not so much like the states of [the] the children there [at her house]Brielle told David. “I mean, she likes it too – but like, babies? She has baby fever. But, of course, there would be downsides to Kim having to deal with a pregnant Brielle. The KAB Cosmetics founder said her mum should “take care of me for the next nine months.” Phew!

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Kim Zolciak wants her daughter, Brielle Biermann, to have children as soon as possible. (007 / MEGA)

And while Brielle shared that having kids isn’t in her plans anytime soon, she ultimately wants to emulate the family dynamics she had growing up. “I always said [to my mom] growing up, ‘I want you to raise my kids because you did such a great job,'” she said. Brielle also credited her parents for creating an “open” environment that makes her feel like she can “share anything you can think of with them.”

The hilarious interview on Behind the velvet rope comes just over three weeks after Brielle debuted new hair color via Instagram on September 9. She captioned the selfie, “spicy fish,” along with a flame heart emoji. Ariana even took to the comments section to shower her sister with a compliment. “I can’t take it,” she wrote. And before that, Ariana chimed in, “so hot omg.”

Kim welcomed her daughter, Ariana, with her ex-husband, Daniel Tocein 2001. However, her current husband, Kroy Bierman37, legally adopted Brielle and Ariana when he married Kim in 2011. The couple went on to welcome three more children together: Kroy Jr.11, Kash Biermann10 and twins Kaia Rose and Kane Ren8.