Is it possible to repay the capital from the first month on a loan?

Don’t you understand the concept of capital repayment in a loan? Here we are going to explain what amortized capital is and why our loans are more advantageous for the user than most of those that you will find out there.

How does capital amortization work?

How does capital amortization work?

Amortization of capital is the return of the amount of money that has been requested, of the specific amount of the loan you requested. Normally, when you repay a loan, you are paying both the money you borrowed and the interest of the loan. The problem is that most of the entities or lenders to whom you can go to ask for a loan, will make you pay interest first and then the money you borrowed , that is, at first they cover your need and charge interest that you owe them and then, in the end, in the last installments, it is when you will pay specifically that money that you borrowed.

We do not do so, because we know that it is not the most advantageous for you and, therefore, we prefer to opt for a capital amortization from the first installment.

Therefore, in most of the sites, you spend the first monthly payments exclusively paying interest, that is, all the money you pay goes to the interest payment and not to pay the amount that was slow to you at the time. As time goes by, you end up paying less interest and the total money that was lent to you. We prefer not to do so, but the payment of the amount borrowed from the first moment occurs, that is, your money goes to pay what was slow to you and also for interest.

How your loan ends without final payment

How your loan ends without final payment

The loans, in our company, are amortized from the first installment, that is, from the first month, which is immensely advantageous for you, because instead of finding you with an amount of money to pay right at the end of the last installment , which is intended for the payment of the loan, when you reach the last installment you will have already amortized everything .

We offer credits to be paid in 12, 24, 30 or 36 months and the procedure is online and telephone, simple and very comfortable for you. From the moment you ask for the loan on our website, until the moment you have your money available, 48 hours pass. More comfortable and simple is impossible.

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If you need a fast personal loan of more than 1,200 dollars, we understand and support you in your decision. If you come to us with the need of an amount greater than 1,200 dollars, you will have your money in 48 hours after a brief and very simple online procedure. We offer a fast personal loan, of various amounts. You can ask for a credit of 1,200 dollars or even up to 6,000 dollars, only in 48 hours and with an easy process for you and by telephone and online.

The endorsement of your car or any vehicle that meets the conditions is sufficient, such as being free of charges or having all the documents in order and less than twelve years old, but, of course, this does not mean that you should deliver your car or anything like that . You keep driving it and using it in a normal way, it’s your car, it just works as a guarantee. We do everything with the idea of ​​providing you with the greatest possible comfort.