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How to keep your red hair fresh between colorings


The products you use on your hair can help or hurt your red hair color. “To avoid fading, be sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner,” advises color expert Stephanie Brown in really simple. “Sulfates contain sulfuric acid, which can penetrate hair color and remove pigment.” Look for products that are specially formulated for colored hair or say they are safe for colored hair. In fact, any product you use, from mousse to hairspray, should be labeled as color safe.

You can also use a color depositing shampoo, which is not only formulated to take care of shaded hair, but also contains a little more. “A color-depositing shampoo is a gentle cleanser for the hair that contains color pigments,” colorist Jeremy Tardo explains via Cosmopolitan. “I suggest using it two to three times a week, but not every day,” celebrity hairstylist Ro Morgan tells Cosmopolitan.

If you spend time at the beach or pool, spend a few dollars on a few items. To protect from UV rays of the sunthat contribute to discoloration, “Invest in hair products with SPF or just spray some sunscreen on your hair,” colorist Pamella Gonzalez suggests in new beauty. If you’re going to dive in the water, make conditioner your pre-swim ritual. After wetting your hair, apply some product to your strands. “It will act as a barrier between your hair and the chlorine/salt,” star stylist Sarah Potempa explains to New Beauty.