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How to Create an Instagram Avatar


Similar to Apple Memojis on iPhone, iPad and Mac, you can create an avatar on Instagram. Then use your avatar stickers in direct messages or Instagram stories you create.

Whether you want an exact lookalike of yourself or something a little different, you can create and customize nearly every pixel of your mini-me.

Ready? Here’s how to create an Instagram avatar on your mobile device.

Create an avatar on Instagram

As of this writing, the avatar feature is only available in the Instagram app on Android and iPhone. You cannot create or edit your avatar or view avatar stickers on the Instagram website.

  1. See you on Instagram profile tab and select the tab menu icon in the upper right.
  2. Picking out Settings so what Account.
  3. Take Avatar on the Account Settings screen.

If you have both Instagram and Facebook linked, you may see a message telling you that you can use your Facebook avatar (if you have one) on Instagram. Picking out Yes, use my avatar if you just prefer to use the Facebook option. Otherwise, choose No, create a new avatar to set up your little self.

Start by selecting your complexion and choose Next to continue customizations.

Customize your avatar

You can see a preview of your avatar along the way at the top of the screen. At the top right, under Done, is a mirror icon. Select this option to display a photo of yourself next to the preview using your front camera of the device. It’s a fun way to match your current look.

Below the preview you have a toolbar with all the options you can select. You can swipe left or right on the toolbar to get to a particular item at any time.

Hair style and color

If you follow the order of the toolbar, you will start by choosing your Hairdressing among many options. Then select Hair color directly to the right and choose your shade.

Face shape, marks and lines

Then choose the face shape option and select the shape you want to use. This is when the mirror option comes in handy to get the shape right.

Then choose the Facial markings possibility of adding freckles or other moles and the facial lines opportunity to include those lines that we all love.

Eye shape, color and makeup

Now you can choose the Eye shape among many options. So choose Eye colour to select your shade. If you want to highlight your look with a little eyeliner, choose the eye makeup tool and choose a fun or stylish look.

Eyebrows, Color and Bindi

Continuing, you will see the Eyebrows option to match the shape of your eyebrows, followed by the option Eyebrow color you want to use. Then you can choose a Bindi option if desired.

Glasses and color

If you wear glasses, you can choose a pair of Eyeglasses for your avatar. Match your current look or try something new. You can then choose the glasses color.

Nose and Piercings

No matter what shape your nose is, you’ll find it with the following option for Nose. If you have a nose piercing, be sure to add it next with post and hoop options in the nose piercings section.

Mouth and color

Then comes the Stuffy area for you to choose the shape of your lips. Of course you can follow this by adding Lip color.

Facial hair and color

Do you have a mustache, beard or goatee? Select your style from the Fur then use the facial hair color area to match it.

Body, outfit and headgear

Instagram avatars are for all shapes and sizes, so jump on over Body section to select yours. Then get rid of those boring clothes and choose a cute, colorful or cool one. Outfit. There are many, many choices for all tastes and styles.

If you want to add a cap, beret or other equipment, use the headgear the option then select the option headgear color.

Ear piercings and hearing aids

If you have pierced ears, choose a pair of Ear piercings Next. For those with a hearing aid, you can choose the style and color in the Hearing aids and Hearing aid color sections.

Register your avatar

Once you are done customizing your avatar, choose Do in the upper right corner, then Save changes in the dialog box. You will see a brief message while your avatar is updating; select Next when it ends.

That’s all we can say about it! Now you have a nifty little you to use in posts and stories.

Share your avatar sticker

You can use stickers of your avatar in Instagram posts and stories. Moreover, you can also use them on Facebook and Messenger. You will see many expressions for your avatar which range from a celebration to love to a simple “Hi”.

Add a sticker to a message

To add an avatar sticker to a direct message, tap the sticker icon to the right of the message field.

Select Avatar then choose the expression you want to use. The sticker will land in the message to your Instagram friend.

Add a sticker to a story

To add an avatar sticker to your story, start creating your story as you normally would. At the top of the screen, choose the sticker icon.

Select Avatar and choose the expression you want to use. When the sticker appears on your story, tap and drag it to move it where you want it. Then continue editing or sharing your story as usual.

Edit your avatar

Maybe you changed your hairstyle or hair color, grew a beard or bought a new pair of glasses. You can change your Instagram avatar at any time in one of the following ways:

  • Follow the same steps above to access your Settings > Account > Avatar.
  • Select Edit profile on the profile tongue. So choose Edit Avatar.

You will then see your current avatar in the preview with all the same customization options you did initially. Make your changes, select Doand choose Save changes to save the new you.

If you prefer to completely remove the avatar, choose the trash can in the preview section, then confirm that you want to get rid of your avatar by selecting Wipe off.

After having fun creating your Instagram avatar, how about trying to create your own emoji?