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How to achieve the ‘Botticelli bob’ trend

With its loose textured waves, the Botticelli bob is the modern take on the sleek, blunt bob.


With its loose textured waves, the Botticelli bob is the modern take on the sleek, blunt bob.

Spring is traditionally a time for new beginnings, and there’s nothing like a hair transformation to get you in the zone.

With the northern hemisphere summer invading our Instagram feeds for the past few months, it’s the “Botticelli bob” that has been the most enviable hair look, as seen on actresses Kristen Bell and Laura Harrier, and the hair queen himself, Jonathan Van of Queer Eye Ness.

Although it takes its name from Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli and the mermaid manes of women in his paintings, the Botticelli bob offers a more modern take on a sleek, blunt bob, with loose, textured waves that ooze effortlessly.

For this reason, it’s the perfect style for those who’ve wanted to take the plunge with a shorter cut, but are worried about style maintenance.

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“To me, the Botticelli bucket hat represents a carefree, laid-back style and silhouette, which I think emerged after the last two years of staying at home,” says Michael Beel, Creative Director of Buoy Salon & Spa in Wellington. and Dyson-style. New Zealand Ambassador.

The style is ideal for those who already have natural movement and a bend in their hair, but with the use of tools and a little planning, it can work on straighter hair as well.

“This hairstyle isn’t necessarily about volume, so with naturally curly hair, you’ll want to keep the roots flatter and smoother, with more texture on the mid-lengths and ends,” Beel explains.

“If you want to adopt your natural curls for your Botticelli bob but want to give it a little more polished look, I recommend using a tool with an attachment specifically designed for curly hair. I really like the wide-tooth comb with the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler, as it helps remove some of the bulk for a tighter silhouette and shapes your curls.

The good news is that this style can also be achieved without the use of tools, if you want to give your hair a break from heat styling. Plan ahead and braid your hair the night before and in the morning run your fingers gently to break up the braids.

If you’re in a rush, you can speed up the process by braiding your hair and running your straightener over the braids before letting them cool. Applying mousse to damp hair and drying it before braiding will help the waves stay in place longer, while a serum or light oil on the ends will boost the shine factor and finish the look.

Another textured style making its mark for summer is the wolf cut, which Beel describes as a “textured, quite layered cut reminiscent of an ’80s shag silhouette.” This is an ideal cut for breathing new life into medium length hair, or for a very short look, the pixie cut is also making a comeback.

If a hair reinvention is on the cards for you, Beel recommends gathering some visual references to take to your stylist and discussing with them first if the style suits both your natural hair texture and hair shape. your face.

“A good stylist will look at the inspiration and vibe you want to create, then come up with something tailored for you and your face. Not everyone can pull off a super short faded blonde pixie!”