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Dyson Pet Grooming Kit | High Consumption


Caring for your dog’s coat isn’t easy, and Dyson knows that. To prevent pet hair from ruining all your furniture, the high-end home appliance company has released a grooming kit suitable for medium and long-haired friends.

Photo: Dyson

The pet grooming kit is compatible with several Dyson machines, including its V11 and Outsize vacuums. Considering this is a pet grooming product, it’s fair to provide a full spa-like experience for your furry friends. Luckily, that’s where its acoustic sound comes in, as the attachment stays quiet throughout the grooming process.

Photo: Dyson

In terms of functionality, the device achieves ultimate cleanliness with 364 angled bristles that penetrate the coat to grab loose hairs, ensuring your pet stays clean and your home stays tidy. Above all, it has a self-cleaning mode which you access by simply retracting the bristles at the press of a button. However, before making your purchase, some things to consider are your pet’s age, height and hair length, as this is intended for adult pets who are not usually bothered by your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Photo: Dyson

Do yourself and your dog a favor by choosing a device that benefits all parties involved. The pet grooming kit is available from Dyson’s online store for $70.