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Sasha Obama has grown magnificently over the years since his father, former president barack obamaand his mother, former First Lady michelle obama, took office for the first time. From toddler to college student, Sasha shines in her own way – mostly by wearing her own daring styles such as edgy crop tops, uniquely patterned skirts and so much more!

The University of Southern California student transferred to the beautiful Los Angeles campus of the University of Michigan for her final two years at school. While living her best life in the City of Angels, Sasha was spotted many times, from strutting around in class to having coffee.

In August 2022, the Chicago native was seen rocking a mini white braless t-shirt and flowy multi-patterned maxi skirt as she visited a local LA beauty salon in the Silver Lake neighborhood from the city.

A month later, Sasha was seen at school braving the extreme California heat wave wearing a loose white off-the-shoulder t-shirt, maxi skirt and sneakers. She even kept her black hair sleek as she calmly headed to her next college class.

The stylish Los Angeles resident tends to stay away from the public eye. However, her mother is proud to talk about her two daughters. In addition to Sasha, the Become the author also shares malia obama with Barack. Malia is no longer at university, because she works as a writer for the Amazon series Hive.

During an appearance in April on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowMichelle called her children “amazing young women” while opening up about their new love life.

“They loved the Jonas Brothers. Now they’re bringing home grown men,” Michelle jokingly noted to host Ellen Degeneres. “Before, it was just, like, pop bands. Now they have boyfriends and real lives.

Sasha is dating the business manager Clifton Powell Jr.whose father is a famous veteran actor, Clifton Powell Sr.while Malia has been romantically linked to the record producer Dawit Eklund.

Both sisters are preoccupied with their careers in Los Angeles. They haven’t been seen together for a while. However, they were seen with their respective in-laws a few times throughout 2022.

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