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Colorado Grandma Who Loves Crochet An Example Of How To Make A Living From Crochet Business |


Pam Grice was like many people who love to crochet. She never thought you could make a lot of money by crocheting.

She did the Etsy shop thing and sold her items at events, but thought of her lifelong hobby like this: a hobby meant to make her happy and earn her a few extra bucks. She had a full-time job as a psychotherapist anyway.

Then she hit the hook gold. In 2016, she saw someone on Instagram post a photo of a “bun hat,” a hat that comes with a hole for a ponytail or messy bun hairstyle. Along with the message, there was a question, “Who can do this?” “

Grice immediately thought, “I could. For years, she had designed crochet patterns for sellers as part of her business called Made with a Twist. So it was quite easy for her to create a crochet pattern for a bun hat, which ended up being the first such pattern to be available for purchase online.

She shared her work on Facebook. In one week, she sold 16,000 patterns and 2,000 hats. Orders kept coming in. A 15-second video of her creation got 100 million views.

“Yeah,” she says now. “Business just exploded.”

After filling all of those orders and hiring lots of people to help her out, Grice got to a point where she never wanted to do another hat again.

She also got to a point where she heard from people, especially women, who were taking advantage of this model that she had created. Since they sold their own buns, they were able to pay off auto loans and mortgages and keep their families afloat.

Another instant thought came, “I want to help these people. “

Grice decided to help by starting a crochet coaching business, which she calls The Crochetpreneur. Her mission, as she states on her Instagram, is “to empower women to build their financial freedom through crochet.” She has 500 people in her current coaching program.

“I know I never thought you could have a crochet business that could support your family,” she said. “I thought it was just something grandmothers do.”

On her own, she learned how bad it was. As a coach, she tries to get this message out to others.

The 57-year-old retired from her Colorado Springs-based psychotherapy practice two years ago. She now spends her days working at her two crochet businesses while living in an RV with her husband on their property in Penrose, where they are building a house.

She is a grandmother who loves to crochet. Plus, as she said, “crochet pays for our life.”

She is so passionate about correcting the “you can’t make money with crochet” message that Grice starts another business.

On September 1, she launched White Winter Hat Co., where she will sell “the softest and biggest winter hats for your wild and wonderful life.”

Grice started out in part because she herself noticed a need for such hats when hiking or other outdoor activities.

“I make them for women who are like me, who love to be outdoors and who always want to be cute,” she said.

There is another reason for the third crochet business. She wants to prove a point to those she coaches and to the more than 30,000 people who follow her on Instagram.

“I just decided that I’m going to blindly start a business, without telling any of my subscribers, and I’m going to make some money and then tell them how I did it,” Grice said. “I want to show them that it is possible.

As she puts it, it’s possible because “people will pay money for crochet things.”

Like the people who pay money for crochet baby blankets, dog sweaters, or wall hangings. And the people who will buy Grice’s hats, which she makes with 100% acrylic fabric so they’re easy to wash off after an adventure.

It has been several years since Grice spent so much time crocheting.

“I remember why I love him so much,” she said. “I have come to a place where I can love her again.”


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