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Beauty Product Owner Tyler Shares His Journey With Lupus, His Mission To Help Others | national news


In 2001, at the age of 32, Tara Cooper began to experience troubling health issues. She started having headaches, blurred vision and confusion. However, one of the most alarming was the severe hair loss.

After several visits to the doctor, Cooper was diagnosed with lupus.

In 2008, Cooper moved to East Texas with her husband, but always found herself going back and forth to Dallas for hair extensions, wigs, accessories and natural hair care products.

It was on one of those trips back from Dallas to Tyler that Cooper realized she was called to fulfill a mission.

“The Lord God Almighty was showing me a vision that I did not fully understand at the time. One day, walking back to Tyler, I said to myself, “I’m so tired of going back and forth to get what I need from the hairdresser in Dallas”, and that’s when… where a light bulb went on. Cooper said. “East Texas didn’t have a minority-owned beauty supply store that offered great customer service or education about natural hair care products.”

Cooper also realized that opening such a business would be a wonderful way to share his experience with lupus and hair loss with others suffering from the disease.

So, in August 2019, Cooper opened It’s Bout Time Beauty Supply.

“It’s Bout Time Beauty Supply was born out of a vision from God,” she said.

“…When the consumer is shopping in our store and suffering from the problem of hair loss, he likes that I can relate to him and it makes him more comfortable,” Cooper said. “I remember going to the beauty store and feeling so disconnected and disappointed because the associates didn’t understand the hair loss issues I was facing.”

Cooper said she knows from experience how devastating hair loss can be, especially for young women.

“I had long natural wavy hair, the thought of losing my hair was really awful,” she said. “It started out the size of a small pimple and then grew over the years. To date I have lost the top middle part of my hair otherwise I have long hair.

Shortly after opening It’s Bout Time Beauty Supply, Cooper took their mission one step further by helping children in the local foster care community.

She began a partnership with Fostering Collective in Whitehouse and began offering reduced prices for children in the foster care system.

“Our company gives back to the foster community because children are important to us. When they look good, they feel better about themselves, it really boosts their self-esteem,” Cooper said. “Some of the adoptive parents come to us primarily because they don’t understand or know how to care for African American children’s hair, so when they come to the store with the little consumer, we take the time to educate ourselves about what hair care regimen they use versus what might be a better option.

Cooper said she regularly donates hair and hair products to Fostering Collective and also gives children a discount to have their hair washed and braided.

It’s Bout Time Beauty Supply is also unique in that it has filled a void in the East Texas region not only for hair care products, but also for hair diet education.

“There was a need back then for a minority-owned beauty store because we understand the nature and texture of our hair. It’s one of the many reasons why our consumers shop at our store for educating hair care tips and for help buying the right products,” Cooper said. “We saw a need so we filled it.”

Cooper said while she got discouraged when they were forced to close due to COVID, the business is now stronger than ever with big plans for the future.

“Because we are locally owned, we support the community by sponsoring different organizations,” she said. “And we’re giving talented people from Tyler the opportunity to sell and promote their products on our store.”

“Our future goals are to resume monthly after-hours meetings and eventually start a non-profit organization.”

Cooper said she’s proud to be the only minority-owned beauty store that offers something for everyone.

“We are a diverse beauty store that has something for everyone. What makes us unique are the services we provide,” she said. “We also have an Ssa hair salon and manicure in the store. So you can not only shop for hair care products, wigs, hair extensions and clips, but you can also schedule an appointment to get your hair done.”

It’s Bout Time is located at 1743 Troup Highway and can be reached at (903) 363-6208. Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For more information, visit It’s Bout Time Beauty Supply Facebook page.