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A Complete Guide to Salon and Beauty Management


If you are a beginner looking to open your dream salon or someone looking to take their business to the next level, this is the right choice. ‘Step by Step Guide to Salon Management’ is, in fact, a must-have book for you.

Written by a beauty stylist and one of the top trainers in the beauty industry for over two decades, Gunjan Taneja, ‘Step By Step Guide For Salon Management’ teaches all about beauty management, from location to marketing strategies.

Besides the technical aspects of the industry, the book gives such deep insight into the profession that it can also be treated as an “exercise book” due to the questions present after each chapter that will help you experiment with the techniques and to draw conclusions for yourself. .

The book, Step-by-Step Guide to Salon Management, highlights topics that people tend to ignore without realizing that these factors are critical to institution growth.

These factors are valuing their employees, customer-staff relationships, ways to improve the customer experience, the importance of looking presentable and having basic etiquettes, etc.

Why should you consider Gunjan Taneja’s “Step by Step Guide to Salon Management”?

Gunjan Taneja is a leading trainer in the industry in India and has conducted workshops and training sessions for well known companies like Dabur, The Body Shop, Amway and others. She holds over 20 certificates in a variety of beauty and hairstyling skills as she believes in learning a new skill every year. She has spent twenty years lecturing on various aspects of beauty at various institutes.

Currently a visiting lecturer for Salon Management and Retail Marketing at the University of Delhi, where she is actively involved in developing the curriculum for several professional courses in Beauty Salon Management.

She has over 20 years of experience combining salon teaching, and she also works as a celebrity trainer and columnist.

A permanent makeup expert who works with various cancer companies and non-profit organizations. She is a seasoned salon entrepreneur who has created 50 franchises for her own company, Bharti Taneja’s Alps Salon Academy, in just two years.