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10 Quick and Easy Cartoon Halloween Costumes


It’s October, which means the Halloween vibes are all around us. Now, that’s right, some of us have been partying since September 1st and to that I say huzzah! If we can accept that Christmas is postponed until mid-October, we can accept 61 days of Halloween. But I digress.

Like I said, Halloween time is near. And, no matter how old you are, it can be a fun time of year. I’ve had some pretty cool costumes in my life. As with most things, it wasn’t until adulthood that I realized how expensive costumes could be. Do not mistake yourself; I always like to dress up. But I don’t like spending so much money on something that rips or tears easily.

As a result, homemade costumes have been my choice the few times I’ve dressed up in recent years. Generally, I use what I already have on hand. But if I have to buy something new, it’s always something that can be incorporated into my everyday wardrobe. To this day, one of the costumes I remember the most is from my son’s first Halloween. It was a baby skunk and we used some of my partner’s military gear to be “Animal Control”. It was sweet.

If you are of the same nature, you may be looking for budget cartoon Halloween costumes. And that’s where I come in with a few suggestions to help you get those creative juices flowing.

Webtoons Halloween Costume Ideas

Evelyne from Evelyne and the occult by InksOwl Comics

It’s super easy because all you have to do to achieve this look is embrace your inner Goth. So you’re going to want an all-black wardrobe with various accessories, especially of the occult variety to match the title. Browse the series for inspiration from all the outfits she wears to create your own version.

Photo of Bea and Laz from Brimstone and Roses

Laz and Bea from Sulfur and Roses by Speremint

This idea works for both romantic and platonic couples. For Bea, I would recommend a dress in the pin-up style or comfortable clothes. Just be sure to wear bright colors and add jewelry. Pro Tip: She tends to like cherries. And for Laz, rock this dapper style with a striped button-up shirt, pants with suspenders and a pair of comfy loafers. If you want to go the extra mile, add face paint and horns for his demon form.

clinic of horrors webtoon photo

Bianca and Dr. Abercrombie from Clinic of Horrors by Merryweather and PokuriMio

It’s also a relatively simple costume since you can snag a nurse costume and dye it light pink. Add a pink wig with randomly placed bandages, ideally in matching blue and pink, and you’re ready for Bianca. Be sure to bring your own sarcasm. Dr. Abercrombie is also a relatively simple costume, requiring only a pink button-up shirt, blue and pink tie, pants, and a lab coat. You can also accessorize with the stethoscope and glasses.

photo of Arcus of Acceptance

Arch of Acceptance by ColourBee

Arcus opens the door to a lot of creativity because as long as you go for bright and vibrant colors, you’ll be on your way. I would also recommend temporarily dyeing some of your hair in the rainbow style that Arcus is rocking. If you don’t want to commit more than one night, spray hair colors are still a thing and work wonders as a temporary option.

Graphic Novels + Cartoon Halloween Costumes

Anne of West Philly book cover

Anne Shirley of Anne of West Philly by Ivy Noelle Weir and Myisha Haynes

This modern update to the beloved classic opens the doors for more people to show their love of Anne of Green Gables fame. All you need is a T-shirt, blue jeans and a yellow jacket with a butterfly patch on the shoulders. These should be easily found by stopping at a local thrift or hardware store.

The Adventures of Captain Slip book cover

George and Harold of Captain Underpants by David Pilkey

The creative minds behind the titular hero, these two characters also have their own unique style. George has a slightly more grown-up approach to his wardrobe and usually wears a white polo shirt with a red and yellow striped tie and dressy shorts, while Harold prefers a green and white striped t-shirt and khakis.

Lumberjanes cover

The Lumberjanes of Lumberjacks by ND Stevenson, Grace Ellis and Gus A. Allen

Since there is a whole cast of characters in this series, you have a variety of options to choose from. It’s especially easy when you remember that a camp is the setting; these characters would have packed up for comfort, so you shouldn’t be in too much pain at the end of the night. So get your flannels and shorts out for this one and it could also be a group costume so you and your friends can all dress up together.

cover of Nubia: Real One

nubia of Nubia: the real one by LL McKinney and Robyn Smith

I’m in love with everything about this cover. It shows a beautiful black girl rocking her natural hairstyle with a Wonder Woman shirt and a pair of jeans. Silver wrist guards can be purchased from a costume store, made from homemade materials, or even made with silver bracelets. The nail look can also be achieved with nail decals which can be picked up at most drugstores.

photo of moon cakes

Nova and Tam from moon cakes by Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu

Nova has a very classic witch look, so a button-up shirt with a skirt will do. Add an apron and witch hat and you’re good to go. For Tam, their style is more comfortable; so, consider a sweater, flannel, and/or t-shirt paired with jeans. You can find wolf ears and a tail in a costume store, especially when the fall season begins. Alternatively, if you’re a diehard Rennie, you might already have them from past trips to do.

Ms. Marvel Vol.  1 blanket

Kamala Kahn from Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson, Sarah Pichellei and Adrian Alphona

For this one, you have two choices; you can rock this look displayed on the cover or you can grab a full red bodysuit and a long blue tunic with a gold lightning bolt down the front. She also has a cape but if you have an Edna Mole mentality about it, the look can still be achieved without it. Don’t forget the red domino mask.

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